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What Is R&D Development and How Can You Benefit From It?

Today, there are more small businesses and start-ups than ever. Everybody wants to have their own piece of success! Of course, you need to use every tool at your disposal if you want to amount to something and take your place under the sun. Luckily, there are plenty of new technological innovations that can help you succeed.

One of such tools is R&D, which stands for research and development. This is not a single activity but a complicated process that involves many specialists within the company. Basically, R&D means a long way between making up new products or services and introducing them to the general public.

Often, the research and development process can take up a lot of the company’s time. The realization of this procedure depends on the expert knowledge of your specialists. So, don’t hesitate to hire an outside party, like Develux.com, for your R&D software development needs! Professional developers can really streamline the process by giving you custom software.

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So, if you are still not sure that you need the R&D platform for your company, then keep reading! Here, you will learn about the fundamentals of this practice, its main features, and potential benefits of research and development software for your business.


So, what is R&D? Let’s start from the beginning. It’s necessary to understand the meaning of the term itself because the whole subject is complicated. In simple words, R&D in a business environment is a set of procedures that is necessary for manufacturing and releasing new goods. There is no universal set of procedures, each firm needs to decide what individual steps it needs to take.

There are several main features that every R&D process has. This also has to be mirrored in the software that is created specifically for these purposes. So, what does the research and development department do? Here are a couple of basic processes that the R&D team is involved in:

  • creating brand-new lines of goods and services;
  • adding something innovative to the old product lines;
  • suggesting new R&D strategies for the future;
  • incorporating these features into the existing business plan;
  • offering cost-effective solutions regarding marketing, manufacturing, and distribution.

As you can see, the R&D department includes lots of specialists from different spheres. Some managers prefer to create a task force with department heads who will each be making their valuable insights. What is definitely clear is that the research and development team is an indispensable part of the company’s growth, inventions, and success in the global market.

Types of R&D

Usually, the procedure of research and development starts out with somebody proposing an idea. It can be about a new product line, an optimization of some internal processes, or a long-term plan for company growth. After that, the active phase of analyzing all opportunities begins. Here, specialists decide whether the suggested ideas are viable and if they can bring profits.

In general, there are two vectors of research during the R&D process. These vectors include the following:

  1. Basic research. This is the initial phase where specialists only start thinking about their innovations. In other words, this is where the foundation for future research and development projects is created.
  2. Applied research. This phase is more detailed because the experts have a goal in mind. This means that they have established their purpose and now are thinking about ways of achieving it in the near future. Some examples of such purposes can include cost reductions, brand awareness, reaching new clientele, and so on.

After these two stages, comes another one, which is the design and development stage. From this point, all ideas need to become materialized into action. Here, specialists try to translate initial research into a product or a service. This is a long process because it involves lots of trials, tests, prototypes, and adjustments.

Benefits of Using the R&D Approach

So, what does R&D stand for in business? There are quite a few advantages that the companies can gain as a result of the R&D strategies. Here are a couple of reasons why you should invest in quality research and development software!

It Gives You a Competitive Advantage Over Other Firms

It’s really simple: if you do your research, you will always be ahead of your competitors without an R&D strategy. With an effective research and development approach, business owners can find different opportunities for cost reduction. When you decrease your expenses on production or manufacturing, you can allocate these costs to something related to your clients!

It Helps Your Marketing Department to Be Ahead of the Trends

Having a great idea means nothing if you can’t deliver it to your target audience. So, the R&D approach gives your marketing team a boost as well! Ad specialists can create something amazing, which will bring in even more clients. It also works the other way around: marketing experts can offer some promising ideas to the R&D team so they can explore them further.

It Allows You to Have Tax Breaks From the IRS!

This might be hard to believe, but for 40 years now, the Internal Revenue Service has been giving tax credits to those firms that hire R&D workers. There are some requirements, so people won’t abuse this system. For example, you need to be a small business or a start-up to qualify for this program. Still, you can apply for various research grants and save money!

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Your Workers Will Become More Motivated

It’s always very gratifying to know that you are a part of something bigger. The employees will definitely appreciate that their workplace takes an active part in global innovations! Business owners need to make sure that the R&D process is transparent to everybody who is involved in it. The workers really get excited about new ideas and products!

It Improves Brand Loyalty and Client Satisfaction!

The R&D department is responsible for not only creating new product lines but also for reaching the target audience for these goods and services. So, your marketing team will find strategies that will be the most appealing to the clients. They will start recognizing your brand and even wait for a new product launch! Now, try not to disappoint them and deliver amazing results!

It Creates More Business Opportunities for Mergers and Buyouts

This point is particularly valuable for start-ups that have nothing but great ideas! With a strong R&D approach, your small business is more likely to attract investors. Innovations are very valuable today, especially for large organizations with big budgets.

Research and Development Examples

If you still need some more clarifications, let’s take a look at research and development examples and strategies. In IT, the R&D software is often used for analyzing target audiences and releasing new products specific to them, like platform updates, new added features, or even improved machinery. You can say that Apple does it all the time constantly releasing new iPhones.

To Sum Up

So, as you can see, the research and development approach has many benefits for any company. It doesn’t have to be a whole department that is dedicated to R&D only. Sometimes, it’s enough to assemble the brightest minds within your organization for new ideas. People from the inside might have a better understanding of what your company needs in the long run.




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