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Rarbg Proxy List 2021- What is The Reason Behind the Ban of Rarbg Site?

Among all the world’s best torrent downloading websites available in 2021, rarbg is on the top. It comprises of a huge library of unlimited movies, anime series, TV shows, software, games, and apps. A large number of multimedia projects, applications, and eBooks are posted to rarbg torrent network every minute. You can get all premier services on the torrent network for free. RARBG had created quite a fan following for itself owing to the richness of content that was available on the platform. You got all your standard latest movies, tv shows, games, and E-books, as well as some high-end software. To access the latest RARBG proxy, please visit this website.

Can’t you get to rarbg? Since rarbg has been blocked in many countries, you may not access to it. rarbg hosts torrent links to the copyrighted data and these torrent links are favorite part of torrent fans. After rarbg proxy is blocked by most of the ISP’s, most of the torrent fans are searching for a Rarbg proxy site and rarbg mirror site which is the best alternative, isn’t so?

If you are finding it difficult to get access to proxy website from your geographical region then you can scan whether the website is accessible world-wide or not. So now you can use any of the Rarbg proxy sites if you want to scrutinize the unblocked rarbg site.


The Reason Behind the Ban of Rarbg Site

One of the major reasons to ban rarbg website is its contents which are way out copyrighted. As we know that pirated contents affect the actual content creators. So, in order to avoid the violation of copyright law, government authorities banned rarbg.

Regions Where Rarbg is Banned

  • Indonesia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Denmark
  • Ireland
  • Turkey
  • Iran
  • Belgium
  • Morocco
  • Australia
  • Pakistan
  • Bulgaria
  • Oman
  • India
  • Greece

How does RARBG Proxy Work?

Rarbg proxy site serves as a bridge between you and any website you want to access. Local web filters and monitors do not interfere in rarbg proxy site and your identity remains masked. rarbg proxy uk site directs your traffic to the target (RARBG site) from a third location.

Rarbg Proxy Sites and Mirror Sites List      

Have you find the alternative ways to unblock Rarbg? Not yet? No worries. Just scroll down and get the list of Rarbg proxy sites and Rarbg mirror sites 2021 which are the best alternatives to Rarbg. The list is updated on regular basis and most of these proxies are working well.

In case any of the rarbg proxy site is not working, then try using a different kind of rarbg proxy from the list below. You can access all these sites including rarbg proxy site UK and mirror sites right now.

RARBG Proxy 1 
RARBG Proxy 2 
RARBG Proxy 3 
RARBG Proxy 4 
RARBG Proxy 5 
RARBG Proxy 6 
RARBG Proxy 7
RARBG Mirror
RARBG Unblock

Consequently, that is the collection of working Rarbg mirror sites and proxy sites. Search these Rarbg proxies to access the proxy site’s original content. These servers will help you to use the Rarbg torrent network in any area yet; it is not assured that these sites will actually work for everyone.

How To Get RARBG Unblocked?

If the rarbg main site is banned by your ISP or government, you can still acquire the site. What you have to do is just simply follow the methods below and unblock your Rarbg website.


VPN helps in developing an encrypted and private network site from the public internet connection. Proxy site doesn’t provide online security but VPN comes with an ultimate secrecy. By using VPN, your online actions cannot be traced. There are chances of data tracing in proxy sites. Some of the famous VPN include Nord VPN, Tor Guard, Cyber Ghost, Pure VPN, and Express VPN.

Browser Proxy

Haven’t you gone through the procedure of proxy browser? Browser proxy is another best technique to access the rarabg proxy site. Just set down a working public proxy in your browser, you can Google it as well, and touch it. Search for another network tab in the settings of browser.

There is an icon of “use manual proxy settings” press it once, and then you have to paste (Control +V) the proxy IP address in the option of box. Then you have to deliver the port number. After entering them, mark a tick on apply tab and then click on OK. You are all set to use browser proxy now.


TOR (The Onion Router) functions quite similar to browser proxy. It helps to retrieve any site which is not working in your region. It is a collection of the individual networks which is articulated by anonymous internet communications. You have to follow a simple procedure in order to access torrent through TOR. First type it in the address bar of Tor browser and then press the enter key.

Is Rarbg Down?

Since rarbg is not working for you, you may think that it is down. In fact it is banned by your ISP. If you want to check whether rarbg proxy uk is down or not, just enter the rarbg web address (www.rarbg.to) in down detectors present on the portal. Even if rarbg domain is changed in the future, you can enter that particular domain on the internet and enjoy the live status.

Do you belong to those countries where rarbg is not working? You do not need to be worried. You can now access the torrent network by using rarbg proxy sites or rarbg mirror sites mentioned above.

The Best Alternatives of the RARBG Sites in 2021

Here are some top best alternatives of the RARBG proxy sites and mirror sites which you can prefer.

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay (TPB) is the top best alternative to rarbg which is available on Torrent. TPB has the power to avoid online web attacks and domain seizures. It is the most favorite alternative of users to rarbg site because it provides magnet links and simple user interface. Mostly, proxy acts as a middleman and gives access without any kind of distortion. All the torrents available on TPB are legit and verified and you will access to it easily even if you are new to this portal.

2. 1337x

1337x was founded in 2007 and is one of those websites that delivers content free of cost. It offers the most simple and organized user interface. 1337x is a library of the magnetic links which provides easily access to content from the cloud storage.

Its portal went through a huge restoration that has left some severe privacy risks. It also contains copyrighted content. The best part of 1337x is that it holds a search bar having an amazing collection of TV series, movies, games, new episodes, music, and much more.

3. YTS.am

Are you a crazy movies lover? If yes, then YTS.am is the best choice to watch the high quality movies. Movies available on YTS.am are high-definition 720p, 1080p, and even 3D. Because of its highly smooth interference, YTS.am is viewer’s favorite site. This site has more than 9k+ torrents contents which you can even download right now. No doubt this website is surely a good alternative to rarbg proxy site.

4. Limetorrents

Limetorrents is one of the top best alternatives to rarbg site. The website is popular for its huge database size and torrenting experience. It has a vast collection of databases and different kinds of contents which makes it a tight competition for rarbg. 

Limetorrents has such a frequency of legitimate files that is enough to hold on them to come back. LimeTorrents provides 24/7 customer support for all your queries and concerns. So if you are looking for hd torrent files and magnet links, what’s better than Limetorrents?


For movies, YTS is best and what is better for TV series? It is EZTV, one of the best alternatives to this proxy. On EZTV you can enjoy series in different video qualities like 720p, 1080p, med, STD, and 3D. EZTV community is super quick and updates series every day. In order to provide easy access to the new users, EZTV has search tab and other primary filter tools. Users find it a very good place to find their favorite and latest series, moves, software, and games, among other famous torrents.

6. KAT torrents or Kickass Torrents

It is the top notch alternative to rarbg mirror sites. Kickass was one of the most viewed websites of BitTorrent to access data in 2014. Unfortunately, Kickass is not in use nowadays. It was shut down by government authorities due to major copyright issues.

US government took over its domain in 2016 but After Kickass, other domains site of its name shown up on torrent. One of these sites is Katcr.co which is developed by the former Kickass Torrent creative team member. Just like Kickass, Katcr.co enables suitable privacy and security.

Its layout featuring contents make it a flawless site for movies, TV shows Music, and games. It offers a very simple user and instinctive interface. So it is a great site to download your favorite torrents as an alternative to rarbg.

7. Extratorrent

The large database and high quality of torrent contents make Extratorrent (ET) a great alternative to RARBG proxy site. Among the top 5 best BitTorrent websites around the world, ExtraTorrent is at number 4. ET is well-known for its incredible speed. It contains well-organized torrent library contents with a large range of the categories and search options. The website is now shut down by higher authorities but you can find its proxy site and mirror site or can use other alternatives as well.

How to Download Torrent Files?

Among all the search engines available in 2021, RARBG is the most popular torrent. As it contains a large collection of torrent files and links that cannot be downloaded like other files. What you have to do is just download the torrent first so working onward can be smooth. You can easily find all the downloading information there. Following torrents demand torrent client applications available for Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS.

Torrent clients For Windows PC 

Torrent clients For Mac

Torrent client for Android Devices

Torrent client for iOS Devices


Is It Safe To Download Torrents?

As we know that BitTorrent is one of the most feasible methods to maintain privacy. The torrent sites and files contain viruses, malware, and pop-up advertisements. So when you are downloading files from Torrent, using virus and adware protection is essential. If you want to secure your privacy online, you can also use VPN. While downloading torrents using MAC torrent clients, your location can never be tracked.


RARBG is one of the best websites in the world of torrent. You can use the preferable alternatives to rarbg proxy sites if rarbg is banned in your region. Have you got the reason behind RARBG ban? In the article we described all information about RARBG and the reason behind the ban on rarbg proxy site.

We have also discussed how to unblock proxy link in order to gain access the rarbg site with great security. You can use these unblocked proxy links to download your favorite torrents. All these links are working at the best and are secure your data as well. Hope your all queries about rarbg proxy uk have been fixed now. If you like this article, then don’t forget to share it to social media.



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