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Top 5 Alternatvie of idilix in 2022

For you movie lovers in the country, the name of the idilix streaming site may be very familiar, maybe even some people have often watched movies using the site. The idilix streaming site is one of the streaming sites with free services that provides film content of various genres from box office films, drama films, animations to tv series.

Please note that this free streaming site is not an official site, but an illegal site like most streaming sites such as Indoxxi, Layarkaca21, cool cinema and various other sites. Some of the obstacles when watching using free sites are usually the display of very annoying advertisements, sometimes even the advertisements cover the main screen of the smartphone or the appearance of the website.

In addition to displaying annoying advertisements, some movies on this free streaming site usually have server errors during live streaming.

Although there are many disturbances or obstacles on free streaming sites, this does not reduce the enthusiasm of these visitors to watch free streaming. Because usually the users of this free streaming site service, they understand that there are many obstacles that exist and they think that this is their consequence for using a free or no-paid site.

Where did the latest idilix site link go?

The idilix site has changed addresses many times, they use the IP address as the site url, the monitoring results on this site use addresses such as,,

However, some of the site addresses above have sometimes been changed to use a new IP address, because the previous domain address has been deleted by the Kominfo.

Although this website often changes domain addresses, the content of the films on the website is still the same, even in layout there is no change at all.

However, you need to know that this free streaming site is an illegal site, so it has been deleted many times by the Ministry of Communication and Information for violating Indonesian laws.

Alternative of idilix

The following are some alternative site reviews that you can try if one day the idilix site is not active or changes to a new address.

1. Indoxxi
2. published21
3. Filmapik
5. Dutafilm and so on

In addition to this free streaming site, there are actually several legal streaming sites that you can enjoy for free, but usually there are certain limitations or conditions for free access to these sites.

Well, below are some other alternatives to official streaming sites that you can use to watch your favorite movies, some of these sites are paid sites and monthly subscriptions. However, there are several sites that provide trial features to watch free or watch free old movies on their streaming sites, you can take advantage of the trial features or the free watch features of old movies on these sites.

Legal streaming sites that you can try

1. Iflix

The first choice for a legal streaming site that gives access to free watching is the Iflix site, the name of this site is almost the same as the free streaming site idilix.

On this streaming site you will get free access to watch movies, be it Indonesian films or western films, but for the latest films that have just been released, you can enjoy them by subscribing to a paid package with prices starting at IDR 30,000 per month. On this site you can enjoy various genres of Asian films and western films that you can watch for free and paid.

2. Netflix

The second alternative site is the Netflix site, this paid streaming site is one of the most favorite watching sites in Indonesia, various genres of Indonesian films and western films to drakor films can be enjoyed on this site.

Netflix subscription fees are also very affordable, very worth it with the various facilities and advantages offered by Netflix.

You can also download the Netflix application on the Playstore using your cellphone, so to watch movies you don’t need to browse, just open the application.

3. Viu

The third recommended site as an alternative to idilix is ​​the Viu streaming site. Just like the Iflix and Netflix sites, this site also shows a lot of Asian films, but most of these sites show Korean drama films.

You can watch the latest updated Korean drama films on this site, even high-rated drakor films such as The World of the Married also previously aired on the VIU site. The viu site also offers free watching services, but only for some old films and also for past movie episodes, while for the latest episodes and some of the newest films you can enjoy it by subscribing to a premium package with costs starting at IDR 30,000 per month.

The three streaming sites above are official sites that provide services for watching the latest movies and all episodes are updated, but this site is not a free site, you must first subscribe to a monthly package on the site.

With a monthly subscription you can access all the movies and features available on this official streaming site, for example download features, streaming features, playlist features and more.

As a recommendation, actually we really recommend the official site above, but the choice is back to the user if they want to watch for free then the only way is to use a free streaming site such as the idilix site, cinemakeren, Layarkaca21, Lk21 etc.


For free movie lovers who have often used the idilix streaming site, it seems that you should frequently update information on Google because this site changes addresses very often because it was deleted by Kominfo.

But our advice, it’s better to watch movies using the official and legal streaming sites that we recommended above. Apart from being legal, you are also guaranteed to be safe from various ads that appear on free sites which are sometimes annoying or can even be infiltrated by malware.



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