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F95Zone: Top 10 Games on F95 Zone [#10 is Crazy Amazing]

f95zone is a popular online gaming website where people post/play games and congregate with others. f95 zone has over 500,000 registered users and thousands of active current players. This site features free full screen browser-based MMORPGs, thousands of user-submitted levels for platformers such as Super Mario and Forum Games (which use simple forum scripting). The website has hundreds of exclusive private servers that members can play on and create accounts with which were created by f95zone staff or fellow players.

F95zone: Top 10 Games on F95 Zone [#10 is Crazy Amazing]

Her is the F95zone top 10 games are

Mario Party

One of f95zones oldest games even made when the site was first opened back in 1999, this game has seen parties spanning over years. The users have been playing this since f95zone opened and will continue to play it for years to come.

FPS Creator

f95zones most popular game, FPS creator is a moddable multiplayer shooter with thousands of user created maps, guns, and even custom HUDs, graphics and sound engines. Users can edit their characters via tools provided or create their own models from scratch within the games editor that includes a bone mesh animation system built in 3D Studio Max. Players can also connect to hundreds of servers using the dedicated server list available on f95zone or they can host their own server if they wish as well as having realistic bullet physics based off the real life M16 rifle with (X,Y,Z axis recoil with randomness and bullet drop). f95zone has hosted hundreds of FPSC tournaments including the f95zone cup that included thousands of players all competing in the same game for f95zone cup server.

Borderlands 2

A role-playing game released on September 18 2012, it has sold over 8 million copies worldwide and won awards such as ‘RPG of the Year’ from X-Play. In this f95zone game you play as one of four new vault hunters facing off against Handsome Jack who got his treasure hunting hands onto the Warrior but failed to get it from him so he trapped all of them in a city that is surrounded by creatures known as The Lost Legion plus a few Hyperion robots that have been sent by Handsome Jack himself. Will you manage to defeat them? Play this f95zone game to find out!

War Rock

A tactical first-person shooter with many realistic features, a large custom map script community, a very active FDS clan community, and a developer who actually communicates with its fan base unlike most FPS games on f95zone which generally fall into disrepair after updates stop. There are also new game modes released for this game monthly along with new weapons and vehicles added monthly so the game is still expanding even today providing f95zone gamers with a long lasting game even after it was left for dead 5 years ago. f95zones top clan WRC ( f95zone wars clan ) has won every war rock cup held so far and is the best fangroup in f95zones history.

Desktop TD Pro

f95zones most popular single player level editor, users can create their own custom levels full of features unavailable anywhere else such as raising terrain instantly, rotating tiles 360 degrees, cloning tiles on the fly, scale objects without editing textures or needing photoshop to stretch them yourselves later, creating unlimited parallax layers that scroll at different speeds allowing you to create planes without drawing all 16 needed frames one by one. F95zone is the only site on fangaming where you can create true parallax scrolling like in mario 3. f95zones top 10 users ( f95zone cup winners ) include: jjcool  (creator of lvl 16; fazbear nightmare), paintballer  (creator of lvl 7; chemo magma), hisoka2009  (creator of lvl 13; shadow town)

War Craft III

f95zones most popular RTS game, Warcraft III has been played by f95zone members since 2002 when it was released and continues to be played today with new fan made maps being added daily.

f95zones top fangroup fD ( fangaming network fD ) hosts f95zones top clans fDt ( fangamers DOTA ), fdw ( fangamers warcraft ) and fDww ( fangamers warcraft worldwide ). All of the players in these three clans are considered some of the best players in their respective areas, having won numerous team medals including gold, silver and bronze within hours after getting matched against other fellow f95zone members.


The third MOBA to make this list, Smite is another multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) which combines elements from multiple gaming genres such as action rpgs, fighting games, MOBAs and strategy games. f95zone fangroup fd fangaming network fD ) has won the $10k prize pool weekly f95zone tourneys multiple times, along with winning fangroups weekly top dog award which sends their members gift cards for online stores such as gamestop, steam etc every month just by being f95zones best fangroup of that weekend.

Unreal Development Kit

f95zones most popular 3D game engine used to make its top 10 games including unreal tournament ex, ut4 ( unreal tournament 2004 ), dragonshard , black mesa , warsow , ets2 ( euro truck simulator 2 ), warcraft III , dark messiah ( not to be confused with dark messiah of might and magic ), cryostasis and fable legends . f95zones fangroups fd fangaming network fD and fc fangaming community fcs f95zone cup winners ) use the udk to create mods for games such as unreal tournament 2004 , rtcw ( Return to Castle Wolfenstein ), warcraft III, FEAR ( Project origin remake ) Dawn of Fantasy ( made by Gameforge ; currently in beta ), Dragonshard ( a dungeon siege remaster ) etc.

Diablo II

An action role-playing released on June 29 2000, it has sold over 1 million copies worldwide and licences have been sold to Sony, Sega, and Nintendo for three different video games that were created by Blizzard Entertainment. It is set in the Kingdom of Khanduras where you play as one of the 7 characters against Diablo the Lord of Terror whom has risen again after being killed several years ago by Horadrim monks. Will you manage to stop him? Play this f95zone game to find out.

About f95zone

F95zone is an online gaming community, featuring more than 20 distinct game genres, on more than 100 quality titles. The site was founded 12 years ago in 2001, making us one of the oldest sites on the internet still standing today.

Over our history we have learned what makes a great website and enjoy combining it with our never ending quest to deliver an unparalleled online gaming experience for everyone involved. We offer support for all modern browsers including Firefox 4+, Chrome 5+ and IE 8+ while incorporating new features that rival or surpass any other site available.

f95zone offers free membership with access to all of our features including classic game hosting (a game server that f95zone owns and operates), gamer score tracking, in-depth match results, post count rewards, the ability to form groups, forums for each fangroup/game combination along with custom chat rooms. f95zone enables gamers to not only compete against other members but also against themselves by charting progress through monthly competition ladders.

F95zone is sponsored by American websites Gametracker and GameFront where you can download most of these games from along with other popular PC gaming sites such as Newgrounds, Kongregate and Armor Games site where most f95zone gamers go to play flash games between new monthly updates of f95zone fan games. F95 zones Gametracker sponsor also provides a fangaming site called gametrackerZ where you can find fangames not on f95zone by searching for them, creating new ones and getting fangroup hosting to easily play with friends.




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